The Rev'd Brenda Rockell - mother of Emerson and Maddie, wife of Andrew and Vicar of St. John's, Brenda has been a teacher and Baptist minister before retraining for the Anglican Church. Brenda brings wonderful gifts of preaching, music and pastoral care.  She also has a particular passion for contemplative worship. Brenda also leads the Community of Trinity, a Diocesan initiative for young adults seeking to be formed by the monastic tradition.

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Christina MacKenzie - is Vicar's Warden and also brings her teaching skills and creativity to running the childrens' programme during Sunday morning services - known as Acorns.  

Larry Nimolata Johnson  - People's Warden and leader of our music group, Larry enhances our sevices with his fine singing, his guitar playing and once a month, with his preaching.  

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